Graham and Green Chic African Print and Velvet Cocktail Chairs

Graham and Green Alpana African Print and Teal Velvet Cocktail Chairs

Currently crushing on these gorgeous Cocktail chairs from UK retailer Graham and Green. The chairs are upholstered in the front with sumptuous jewel-toned velvets in yellow and teal, and each colourway paired with a complementary intricately patterned African print wax textile to the back. The result is classic design with modern appeal. Cocktail chairs are a 1950s mid-century design classic, sought after for their simple yet chic silhouettes. The chairs make great accent pieces in living spaces, and these will be ideal for those looking to incorporate some Afro-chic interior inspiration.

[Image credit: Alpana Velvet Chair – Graham and Green ]

Also in the Graham and Green furniture collection is a minimal Scandi inspired armchair in patterned upholstery inspired by traditional African print batik textiles.

[Image credits: Alpana Velvet Chairs; bottom, Anyi Print Gigi Armchair – Graham and Green ]

Additional details:
For further information about Graham and Green visit: www.grahamandgreen.co.uk

[Image credit: The image shown belongs to Graham and Green. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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