Afya Natural Organic Skincare for Skin to Soul Beauty

Afya Natural Organic Skincare for Skin to Soul Beauty

True beauty starts from within is the philosophy of Afya a premium range of organic, natural beauty and skincare products inspired by the healing traditions of Africa’s diverse tribes. The brand was started by Kenyan sisters Neva Mwiti-Read, based in Australia and Kangai Mwiti, based in Nairobi, who sought to share the rich stories of their homeland.

‘Afya’ means health and wholeness in Swahili and reflects the brand’s focus on skin to soul beauty. Beauty that relies on the holistic purity of the ingredients used to nourish mind, body, and soul. The sisters tapped into the wealth of knowledge Africa has to offer not only seeking out natural ingredients such as baobab and Gotu kola, but also the ancient wisdom of African traditional medicine. Their first range called Zanzibar pays homage to the archipelago, evoking the dreamy sunkissed beaches of the Swahili coast. Luxurious body butters, reinvigorating body washes and scrubs, and massaging oils infused with accents of vanilla, cloves and spices make for indulgent pampering.

Afya Natural Organic Skincare for Skin to Soul Beauty

Featuring a sophisticated black and white design the product packing is eco-friendly in keeping with Afya’s focus on upholding natural goodness from the inside out.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Afya visit: www.afyaorganics.com/

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