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Lifestyle: Designer Journals and Notebooks by Clinton Friedman, Eva Sonaike and Urban Africa

Journals and Notebooks [Nigeria / South Africa]

Clinton Friedman - nature inspired

[Image credits: Clinton Friedman – Purely African]

When I started this blog I never anticipated how much writing I would end up doing; making notes on paper, on the computer as I’ve let all my thoughts flow out. One thing that strikes me is how ideas for posts and perfectly formed snippets of sentences often appear at the most inconvenient of times when there isn’t a paper, pen or pencil to be found within close range and by the time you’ve found one the moment is lost; the thought evaporated like a puff of smoke.

As I am jotting this down on a notepad the iron is busy scorching a hole in the ironing board as the sentences come… oh well… The most inopportune time is when I am ready to sleep, in the calmness of the night my mind decides to kick into overdrive; sentences and snippets fly all over the place following each other before I barely have time to capture each one. I’ve taken to keeping a pad by my bedside, in the living and in my bag. Keeping a small notebook in my bag was something I did to record business ideas and make sketches wherever I was inspired, so writing shouldn’t be any different; in fact I think it has a greater sense of urgency about it which is why I say thank goodness for journals and notebooks. From bold colour to plain leather, I have rounded up a few stylish designs to make putting pen to paper a pleasure no matter what you want to record be it a shopping list or your next designer collection.

Clinton Friedman
Let the freshness and beauty of nature inspire you through the bold and colourful graphic prints from Clinton Friedman available in soft or hardcover.
Journals shown range from: £3.75-£11.25

Eva Sonaike - Wax print notebooks

[Image credits: A5 Notebooks – Eva Sonaike]

Eva Sonaike
Let the energetic pulse of vibrant multicoloured wax cloth prints encasing plain cream coloured paper help kickstart those ideas. A5 notebooks 
Journal shown priced at: £29

Urban Africa Leather bound journal

[Image credits: Urban Africa – Africhic]

Urban Africa
Minimalist, funky and timeless leather volumes containing 200 pages of recycled paper waiting to be filled with ideas; handmade by Belgian born Vincent Urbain who moved to South Africa in 2003 following a love of water and watersports.
Journals shown priced at: £260 …keep a journal/notebook handy and let your ideas flow wherever you maybe

Additional details:
To purchase Clinton Friedman journals visit: www.purelyafrican.co.uk
To purchase Eva Soniake journals visit: www.evasonaike.com
To purchase Urban Africa journals visit: www.africhic.com 

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