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Textiles: Buki Akib FELA Menswear Capsule Collection

Buki Akib [Nigeria]

Buki Akib - Fela, Tasseled coat

[Image credit: Buki Akib – FELA Autumn/Winter 2011]

A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s, highly experimental designer Buki Agbakiaka’s work is bold, unique and extravagant. Her recent menswear capsule collection entitled ‘FELA’ was inspired by the pulsating rhythm of the Afrobeat movement, taking the viewer back to a decadent 1970’s Lagos music scene dominated by the pioneering musician Fela Kuti. Fela Kuti’s legendary style was distinctive and heralded a new era of showmanship in the West and Pan-Africa music scene.

Buki Akib - Fela shirt

[Image credit: Buki Akib – FELA Autumn/Winter 2011]

Highly innovative the ‘FELA’ collection captures a moment in time, drawing on the past to fashion the future and portrays the influence Buki’s Nigerian heritage plays within her creative process. ‘FELA’ is the visual expression of the effect the music had on Buki whilst conducting her research into the genre… and Fela Kuti’s influence is everywhere; from the colour palettes interspersed with shiny lurex, the eclectic mix of textures; to the style of the clothing in bold high waisted trousers, flamboyant tasseled jackets and knitted swimming trunks.

Buki Akib - Fela, pattern and texture

[Image credit: Buki Akib – FELA Autumn/Winter 2011]

Buki’s style combs traditional knitting methods with African fabrics to create new, luxurious fabrics and sees her trademark of experimenting with creating three-dimensional patterns, by wrapping viscose yarns onto silk and cotton yarn. 

Buki Akib - Fela slippers

[Image credit: Buki Akib – FELA Autumn/Winter 2011]

… An unapologetic style, ‘FELA’ celebrates a personality and the excitement of life. 

Additional Details:
For further information about Buki Akib visit: www.bukiakib.com

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