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Savane [South Africa]

Savane Organic Skincare

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The African continent is said to contain a quarter of the world’s biodiversity; with the Southern African region home to more than 30 000 indigenous plant species many of which have been traditionally used over the centuries for their holistic benefits. Utilising the power of these indigenous plants is Savane, a luxury range of protective skincare solutions that blend traditional botanical treatments with modern techniques in green science.

Launched in South Africa 2011 by Jennifer Peters, an anthropologist who specialises in developing health products for rural communities and Stephane Helary, an ecologist; Savane products were created to revitalise, regenerate and restructure skin, working to restore its natural balance and combat premature aging. Containing no harmful or toxic chemicals Savane’s formulations are organically certified by Ecocert; an international independent certifying agency. With WWF statistics pointing to a decline in world biodiversity with an estimated rate of 2000 species per year becoming extinct, in-process threatening livelihoods and the environment, the ingredients used in Savane products are fair trade and ethically sourced.

Savan - Oganic Skincare Products

[Image credit: Savane Skin Care Products]

Rich in some nature’s most powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin; soothing cleansers, purifying toners and protective moisturisers are just some of the products making up the luxury skincare’s range using ingredients that include: Aloe Ferox to soothe the skin, Rooibos to refresh and revitalise complexions protecting skin against pollution, the sun and the physical effects stress can cause, Marula Oil which helps to soften and repair damaged skin, Kigelia which works to tighten and firm the skin, Kalahari Melon Oil which improves skin suppleness, Rose Geranium whose fragrance uplifts the mood and helps to restore energy levels, and Baobab known for its strong anti-aging properties.

…feed your skin with organic botanical goodness

Additional details:
Products are priced from: ZAR300-ZAR690 / £27-£57 / USD$44-USD$105
For further information about Savane visit: www.savaneskin.co.za
To purchase in: 

South Africa, international delivery: www.africhic.com
USA: www.shen-beauty.com
For further information on Ecocert and their certifying process visit: www.ecocert.com

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