Kaa Hapa Stylish Contemporary Furniture Handmade In Kenya

Affordable yet not sacrificing quality is the mission of Kaa Hapa, a made in Kenya furniture brand. Meaning ‘come sit’ in Swahili, Kaa Hapa was founded by architect and entrepreneur Sam Omondi and U.S. Marine and now Kenyan resident, Emily Harper.

Sam’s interest in furniture design began as the co-founder of Sky Decor, a brand that transformed decommissioned aircraft parts into futuristic furniture and interior decor pieces. Sam’s experiences with Sky Decor have informed the development of Kaa Hapa using his market insights to influence the kinds of furniture local consumers are looking for.

Working with local craftsmen Kaa Hapa furniture is made using locally-sourced materials, including cypress, mahogany, and mvuli solid woods. The designs are stylish, contemporary, and durably crafted to meet the demands and tastes of urban living. The Kaa Hapa product collections include reclining loungers and swing chairs with woven details forming the upholstery.

Design influences ranges from mid-century modern classics like the ever stylish Acapulco chair, to the cosy hanging nest design of the dome swing chair which is inspired by Kenya Weaverbirds.

Sustainable livelihoods is an important part of Kaa Hapa. The company seeks to provide those it works with the opportunity to earn stable incomes, build a rewarding career and contribute to the development of Kenya.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Kaa Hapa visit: https://kaahapa.com/

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