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Travel: Jnane Luxury Villas in the Heart of Marrakech

Jnane [Morocco]

Jnane - courtyard

[mage credit: Jnane Tamsna – Preferred Boutique]

I once read somewhere a statement to the effect that Meryanne Loum-Martin lives the kind of life women dream about*. After a first visit to Marrakech in 1985 Meryanne, a French lawyer of Senegalese and West Indian descent was captivated by the city returning many times over several years, along with her husband Dr Gary Martin; and eventually gave in to the creative spirit within that was fighting to get out. A self-taught interior designer, Meryanne set about restoring run down riads in the city turning them into amazing boutique hotels oozing the cultural charm of Morocco. Husband Gary, a landscape artist, found the perfect place to unleash his knowledge and skills by turning the gardens into lush tranquil and edible settings influenced by Arab-Andalous horticultural traditions. Calling their concept Jnane, which means ‘Garden of Paradise’, luxury villas and hotels have enticed discerning travellers and those looking to purchase beautifully decorated holiday homes.

In 1989 Dar Tamsna luxury villas in the Palmeraie of Marrakech, opened their doors to guests followed ten years later by Ryad Tamsna a restaurant, gallery and boutique in the Marrakech Medina. Probably the defining property in the portfolio, 2001 saw the opening of Jnane Tamsna a villa paradise on a six-acre estate in the heart of the Palmeraie. This has since been followed by Jnane Ylane, a 30-room hotel and private villas community situated in the countryside just outside Marrakech that began operating in 2010.

Jnane - interiors

[Image credits: Jnane]

A voyage of discovery embracing the languid opulence of Marrakech, Jnane is all about elegant architecture, discreet hospitality and the opportunity to get away from it all. Jnane has a particular focus on enhancing well-being; Meryanne and Gary firmly believe this is to be found in a life of integrity and tranquillity. The couple, along with encouraging their guests, follow the philosophy of respecting cultural traditions and local communities, natural materials and the environment. In other words, Jnane is the place to chill out, rejuvenating mind, body and soul! Meryanne’s chic interiors fuse African, Oriental and European influences with the ultimate goal of achieving harmony. Walls are adorned with art and the luxurious furnishings reflect the local culture in inviting colour palettes.

Jnane - bedroom

[mage credit: Jnane Tamsna – Preferred Boutique]

The properties are usually a collection of individual houses spread about the gardens and geared towards a homely intimate setting. Villas are light and airy looking out onto the private gardens, which themselves are organic and water-efficient providing a variety of fresh produce for the Jnane dinner tables and a place for guests to relax and refresh. Offering fresh organic Moroccan dishes with a twist meal, times are designed to be a particularly memorable highlight of your stay; sensual experiences based on the idea that food should be as good to look at as it is to taste. Cookery classes are on offer with the house chef so you can pick up a few culinary skills of your own during your stay. Jnane is also a spectacular setting for a romantic outdoor wedding or to host your next event.

Jnane - dining and gardens

[Image credits: Jnane]

In the gardens wander the pathways and fragrant terraces where you will find aromatic herb gardens, olive groves, lemon trees, date palms, vegetable gardens and ornamental flowerbeds. Think natural scents wafting in the air, refreshing pools and cooling canopies. Jnane Ylane in particular is the setting of Ethnobotanica, a holistic style concept offering a range of natural bath and body care products alongside gourmet oils, preserves, spice mixes and outdoor furniture and natural weavings. Meryanne is also working to establish Jnane Ylane as a vibrant community for artisans, artists, writers and poets to come together to inspire and be inspired.

Jnane - lounge

[Image credit: Jnane]

…bathed in stylish serenity Jnane is the place for the sophisticated modern traveller.

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