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Textiles: Zara Home African Inspired Home Décor

Zara Home [Africa Inspired]

Chic Collection Zara Home

[Image credits: Chic Collection – Zara Home]

I adore the Zara Home Store, it is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful things and passing by the window display in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent, this past Sunday I was greeted with a showcase of classic African home décor – think safari-style in various shades of brown, sand, ebony and ivory. Whilst I tend to prefer a more vibrant look incorporating brightly coloured accents, there were some elements that appealed, however on entering the store to have a closer look I was greeted instead with distinct sections of fuchsia, peacock blue and purple – much more up my street – in addition to the subtler brown palette.

This is all part of Zara Home’s new season collections which include: ‘Chic’ – a collection which the website says takes its inspiration from the warmth and intensity found on the island of Madagascar, this sees elements appearing in the form of natural linens, raffia, and rattan all combined with silk, leather, cord or cork; however it then gets mixed up somewhat with a strong generic African influence; I guess the trickle-down effect from what is currently happening on the catwalks with regards to African inspired prints. So you will find there are also strong geometric shapes in the form of Central African inspired Kuba/Mudcloth and animal prints in accessories such as cushions and throws. I am not very familiar with Madagascar’s cultural style but judging from the designers and products I have already featured on African Daydreams, aside from flashes of yellow and the natural textures I don’t feel I’m getting the true Madagascan spirit.

Zara Home

[Image credits: Chic Collection – Zara Home]

The other collection called ‘Ethnic’ takes its inspiration from Asia mainly India and Uzbekistan and features strong Ikat touches, a complicated process of dyeing fabric, which can also be found in parts of North Africa. I was more excited by this collection truth be told.

Ethnic Zara Home

[Image credits: Ethnic Collection – Zara Home

Overall I think for those who are looking to incorporate a bit of ‘Africa’ into their living space the collections described above provide a good starting base as pieces from the Chic collection co-ordinate well and then if you want to take the look from subtle to a bit more exciting simply pick a few contrasting pieces from the Ethnic collection like a rug, runner or cushions. 

Just think how stunning the earth tones mixed with a bit of purple, fuchsia or blue would look.

Additional Details:
For further information and to purchase visit: www.zarahome.com

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