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String Pendant Lamps Inspired by Traditional African Jewellery

String Pendant Lamps Inspired by Traditional African Jewellery

Jewellery is one of my great loves, and was the main reason I started this blog. I wanted to use the space as a place to store my finds. So I couldn’t help but be instinctively drawn to a collection of string pendant lamps by South African product designer Candice Lawrence. Inspired by the beaded layers of traditional African jewellery, the African Woven Necklace Lamp Shade features three interconnected circular hoops each punctuated with colourful bands of hand wrapped thread.

Candice set up her Cape Town-based design studio, Modern Gesture, where she also produces homeware and small stationery items. Modern Gesture takes its name from the way people interact with each other, the gestures we make with our bodies when communicating. The nature of the gesture extends to a belief that in each piece created a story is embedded into its materials. A story that captures the time and care engaged in the creation of each item. And sees a constant conversation happening between the hand of the designer and the material being formed. This practice ensures that each piece created holds its own unique characteristics.

String Pendant Lamps Inspired by Traditional African Jewellery

Candice handcrafts and manufactures her designs working with mixed mediums such as ceramics, and off cuts of recycled wood, a favourite material.

I’ve always had a soft spot for wood. The material offers the unexpected, which is like a metaphor for life. We are constantly carving away and refining our lives, but we can only plan and carve so far.

– Candice Lawrence, Modern Gesture

String Pendant Lamps Inspired by Traditional African Jewellery

The string pendant lamps saw Candice become a 2015 finalist in the Nando’s Hot Young Designer competition. This led to the commission of more than 400 of the lights installed in Nando’s restaurants around the world and bringing her work to international audiences.


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For further information about Modern Gesture visit: http://moderngesture.co.za

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Modern Gesture. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.

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