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Interiors: Ethniciti Interiors Inspired by Africa

Ethniciti [Africa Inspired]




[Image credit: Ethniciti]
The days are starting to get a bit longer, with spring just a couple of months away and for me; a time when the urge to have a good clear-out and reorganisation strikes – I have already started to feel the itch! And looking back on the few months since I started African Daydreams I have come across some truly beautiful and inspiring products that I wouldn’t hesitate to use to refresh my home. Our homes and what we put into them say so much about who we are, but it is so easy to get stuck in a rut and sometimes need a nudge (or two!) to get going in the desired direction. If you are looking to add some African inspiration to your interior but need a bit of help in sourcing products or bringing your ideas to life, then the creative team at Ethniciti could be just the people to help you.
Ethniciti – under the direction of CEO and Creative Director, Bill Sands – is dedicated to bringing its brand of contemporary African-inspired interior design to a wider audience through a service that allows you to tailor your design package based on the number of rooms selected. With a particular passion for African fabrics, an eclectic array of furniture, textiles and accessories sourced from new generation African and international designers are brought together by Ethniciti’s team of designers who work with you to fulfil your interior daydreams. Ethniciti’s service takes the client through a personalised process of space planning, colour and texture, furniture, accessorising, and fine art selections. Bill kindly sent over some before and after shots of a recent project and what a gorgeous, chic transformation. 
Ethniciti Before


Ethniciti After Project complete


[Image credits: Before and After – Ethniciti]
The bedroom is light and airy largely thanks to a fresh contemporary colour palette that for me conjures up mango/papaya, lime and cooling sea breezes; and works well with the cultural accents. I find that all too often when it comes to incorporating an ‘African’ aesthetic there is a tendency to descend into clichés of Zebra and generic earth tones. Whilst there is nothing wrong with earth tones, it can become safe and samey-samey with no real hint of the owner’s true personality. Ethniciti is in the process of reinforcing their online presence to make it easier and more convenient for clients to engage with the brand and also to reach out to a wider global clientele.
Ethniciti After detail


[Image credit: Ethniciti]
Inspired? Try seeking out the unique and unusual, as a little imagination and an eye for detail can create amazing things!


Additional Details:
Prices shown on the website start at: USD$395 per room design package
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