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Ceramics: Ugandan Ceramics Pottery School

Ugandan Ceramics [Uganda]   

Ugandan Ceramics - Plates

[Image credits: Ugandan Ceramics Pottery School]

Closely aligned with Vision for Africa International, and Austrian based Christian organisation; Ugandan Ceramics is a pottery school based near Kampala, Uganda. Offering training in the various methods of ceramics production, the students who attend the school are given the opportunity to study with artists from Uganda and Europe, amongst them, are former students who have gone on to become instructors themselves. 

Ugandan Ceramics

[Image credits: Ugandan Ceramics Pottery School]

Uganda Ceramics Pottery School also has a dedicated gallery showcasing the artists’ work, which is located at the Vision for Africa premises in Mukono Kiyunga. The products produced encompass decorative sculptures; functional pieces such as pots, platters, and vases. The students have taken part in local, regional, and international events and exhibition introducing their creations to wider audiences; and the School’s workshop is open to visitors to meet the artists and get an insight into how the pottery is made. The big ceramic plates make for collectable items that you can continually add to create a dynamic wall feature.

Additional details:
For further information about Ugandan Ceramics and order enquiries visit: www.ugandaceramics.com

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