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Iman Home [Somalia]
Iman Home Blue


[Image credits: Iman Home – CalicoCorners]
Revered as an international style and beauty icon, Iman brings her brand of luxury and glamour to interiors. Beautify your living space with Iman Home a range of fabrics reflecting Iman’s global life. Featuring the rich patterns, textures and colours of peacock feathers, zebra hides and Ikat textiles, vibrant motifs are embroidered onto opulent silks.


[Image credits: Iman Home, top; CalicoCorners, bottom]
The fabrics conjure faraway places, bursting with diverse cultural richness that give traditional accents a modern touch. Iman Home is defined as the essence of chic. Some gorgeous patterns just waiting to be transformed into cushions, drapes and giving tired furniture a new lease of life.
Iman Home


[Image credits: Iman Home – CalicoCorners]
As stunning and timeless as the woman herself.


Additional Details:
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at CalicoCorners: www.calicocorners.com
Prices shown range from: US$24.99 -US$52.99 per yard
For further information and where to buy visit:

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  1. To Iman. Such a sad time for everyone after hearing the passing of your husband David Bowie. Best wishes for you and your family home in mogadishu