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Pepper & Stew [Africa Inspired]

Pepper and Stew - African Cooking Sauces

[Image credits: African Cooking Sauces – Pepper & Stew]

Sky Living TV channel in the UK is currently running a series called Cooks to Market. The concept of the show is to get budding cooks and food brands onto retail shelves, and see two different brands going up against each other and selling their product in food market and win the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of leading food UK experts. Of the two episodes I have managed to catch, both featured African food brands who  both outsold their rivals to go on and make impassioned pitches, which has landed both brands shelf space in Partridges, one of the UK’s most prestigious food retailers who have the honour of being the Queen’s grocers. Pepper & Stew was one of the brands featured, introducing their range of African cooking sauces to a new audience. 

Pepper & Stew was founded by Zimbabwean Racquel Mafura, and Araba Jane who wanted to create a quick and simple way of cooking African food and bringing it mainstream. The product range is comprised of four sauces in the following flavours: Cape Malay Curry from South Africa; and Egusi Stew, Jollof and Palm Nut from West Africa. In the first stage of the programme the brands go through a consultation stage on what they need to do to prepare for the market challenge and although advised not to Pepper & Stew chose to go ahead with rebranding their products, I am glad they did. The end result is simple yet stylish contemporary packaging, with a single solid colour highlighting each sauce and a band of geometric pattern to reflect the African heritage. The duo will be launching some African Spices Kits, which will come with step-by-step recipes, a shopping list of ingredients needed and the spices which are sourced from the different parts of the Continent. Going from strength to strength since filming the series, Pepper & Stew’s sauces are now stocked in four deli’s across the UK, and the Egusi Sauce recently won a Great Taste Gold Star award.

Additional information:
Sauces on the website are priced at: £4
For further information about Pepper & Stew visit: www.pepperandstew.co.uk
For further information about Cooks to Market visit: http://skyliving.sky.com

Pepper & Stew will be retailing their products from Maltby Street Food Market in Bermondsey, London, which is open on Saturdays 9am-2pm  

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