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Design: Upcycled furniture Inspired by Nigerian Parables

Yinka Ilori [Nigeria]

Yinka Ilori - Odd One Out Chair

[Image credits: Odd One Out chair at D’apostophe – Yinka Ilori]

Dismantling discarded pieces of furniture and reassembling to create entirely new designs has resulted in a unique and innovative range of one-off and made to order furniture pieces, created by Yinka Ilori, a London-based furniture designer. Yinka specialises in sustainable design by upcycling discarded and found furniture pieces, and founded his eponymous label in April 2011; fuelled by an interest in finding creative solutions to challenge the unnecessary waste in modern consumer societies in the West, and through the products he recreates works towards helping to affect positive change.

Yinak Ilori - Upcycled furniture

[Image credits: Upcycled furniture – Yinka Ilori]

The designs are quirky, colourful, and distinctive; featuring Yinka’s signature style of brightly painted wood, paired with vibrant patterns and fabrics that bring to life the once unloved furniture pieces. Yinka also ‘happily accepts unwanted or damaged furniture from private individuals’.

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