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Amatte Africa’s Finest Blends for Coffee Connoisseurs

The Arabica coffee plant is said to have been discovered in 9th Century Abyssinia, (now Ethiopia) and soon after made its way across the globe via the flourishing trade routes. Coffee is an important of Ethiopian culture, and as Africa’s top producer the crop has economic significance as an industry said to employ around 15 million people. Recognising the impact the coffee industry has on local communities social entrepreneur Amani Kiflemariam founded Amatte with a focus on empowering small-scale female coffee farmers.

Amani was born in Eritrea. She grew up in the Sudan and the UK where she built a career in the finance sector. She left the financial world behind to fulfil what’s calls a ‘life passion’ of helping to uplift women. Amatte means ‘lead by example’ and is named after Amani’s grandmother, as a way of honouring her strength and integrity and by extension that of the women Amatte partners with.

Amatte sources its coffee beans from Africa’s prime coffee-producing countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, and the DRC. The current collection of 5 limited-edition coffees are each handcrafted by coffee connoisseurs with flavour profiles celebrating the regal origins that inspire them, including legendary Queens Sheba and Nefertiti. Amatte is also a means of promoting African heritage. Each blend is a way of tell Africa’s stories, and the vibrant sophisticated packaging enhances the message.

Amani also set up The Amatte Foundation which is helping women develop weaving and other skills in Eritrea, and supporting children’s homes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Asmara, Eritrea.

Additional details:

For further information about Amatte visit: https://www.amatte.co.uk/shop/connoisseurs-choice

– Tapiwa

Additional details:

For further information about Amatte visit: www.amatte.co.uk

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