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Liam Fahy [Zimbabwe]

Liam Fahy Charlotte Blue Spring Summer 2011

I have been drooling over the most exquisite jewelled coloured satin stilettos and platforms from London based footwear designer, Liam Fahy ever since laying eyes on them; those colours what can I say… they are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous; the stuff of daydreams… I love, love, love them!!!

Liam Fahy Charlotte Spring Summer 2011

[Image credit: top, Chlo and bottom, Charlotte; Spring/Summer 2011 – Liam Fahy]

I became aware of Liam Fahy’s work about five years ago, introduced to his name by my sister who was in the midst of organising a Shoe Event and was looking for shoe designers to take part. At the time Liam had not yet produced a collection but was receiving recognition for some cutting-edge and truly innovative footwear designs; that I must admit were also some of the strangest looking I’d ever seen; i.e. the I-Ashi Bionicus below. The futuristic nature of Liam’s experimental designs has carried over into his luxury market-oriented creations, seen in elements like mirror nickel detailing that elevate the shoes from being merely cute to full-on glam warrior sexiness; perfect for those ready to do battle in the style stakes.

Liam Fahy Armelle Autumn Winter 2010

[Image credit: Armelle Autumn/Winter 2010 – Liam Fahy]

To say Liam’s life is an interesting one would be an understatement; the designer was born in Zimbabwe to an Irish Father and English mother where he grew up on a snake farm amongst sculptors, weavers, painters and musicians; an experience that he credits for laying the foundation for his creativity. Liam went on to study art and psychology in Zimbabwe then took a year’s hiatus from his life, living alongside the Zambezi River amongst the Batonga Tribe, before making the decision to relocate to the UK to fulfill his dream of studying footwear design. After becoming the 2008 Fashion Fringe Shoes winner Liam became the protégé of Rupert Sanderson (don’t get me started on his shoes!); working alongside the renowned footwear designer at his factory in the Emilio-Romagna region of Italy learning the secrets of true Italian craftsmanship and design, after which Liam then went on to produce and debut his own Italian crafted luxury footwear collection in 2010.

Liam Fahy Chaunte and Caresse - Spring Summer 2011

[Image credit: Chaunte and Caresse Spring/Summer 2011 – Liam Fahy]

A perfectly formed collection of shoes across the two seasons produced so far; I must say I am taken with all the designs, and the fact that both collections have sold out tells me there are some shoe lovers out there who are inclined to agree with me.

Liam Fahy - I-Ashi Bionicus

[Image credit: I-Ashi Bionicus Special Projects – Liam Fahy]

The definition of a perfect shoe according to Liam Fahy:

…what more can I say except I’m eagerly anticipating what future collections will bring

Additional details:
Collections priced between: £425-£1000
For further information and to purchase visit: www.liamfahy.com

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