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Fatimata ‘Faty’ Ly is a Senegalese artist who uses ceramics as her canvas, the blank surfaces enabling her to bring to life the stories of Africa’s rich cultural and artistic heritage. A graduate of London’s prestigious Central St Martin’s Faty is based in Dakar, Senegal where she designs her eponymous collections for production in Limoges, France, an area famed for its production of hard-paste porcelain.

Faty’s love for ceramics began in the late ’90s whilst she was in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, and she has gone on to develop exquisite, high-quality collections with the aim of connecting people in their daily lives and events through the use of her products. The Senegalese Sous Verve tradition of painting on the underside the glass is elevated to high-end in the Nguka Collection, whilst the colourful and playful Les Sapeuses channels the vibrant, sophistication of the Sapeurs of the Congo. Toile de Korogho pays homage to the striking symbolism of Korogho Canvasses by the Senufo of Northern Ivory Coast.

Fatyly Ceramics Nguka Porcelain Teapot Senegal design Atelier Fifty Five Feature
FATYLY Ceramics Porcelain Mug Les Sapeuses
Fatyly Ceramics Toile de Korogho Porcelain Plates Senegal design Atelier Fifty Five Feature
Fatyly Ceramics Toile de Korogho Porcelain Tea Cups And Saucer Senegal design Atelier Fifty Five Feature

The delicate, elegant forms and detailed decoration of Faty Ly’s designs also point to future heirlooms, treasured objects to be passed down through the generations in the same way that the stories and cultural heritages depicted have too been passed from generation to generation.

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