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Fashion: CrOp by David Peck Spring/Summer 2011

CrOp by David Peck [Uganda]

Crop - David Peck

[Image credit: CrOp by David Peck; Jamie Leigh Collier via TreeHugger]

David Peck is an American fashion designer whose innovative custom made prints are turned into elegantly, quirky fashion collections. Launched for Spring/Summer 2011, CrOp by David Peck is a collection of some gorgeously feminine dresses, skirts and tops. It was the prints and the inspiration behind them that especially caught my attention; the collection entitled ‘Common Threads’ was based on a collaboration with Houston-based photojournalist Jamie Leigh Collier, whose photographs taken in different locations around Uganda were then translated by David into stunning custom fabrics used to make up the collection. Placed side by side you can immediately see the evocative quality the photographs bring to the clothes. I’ve fallen in love with the different variations of the beautifully printed Bridgette dress.

Based on collaborations with other creative individuals who share in the common goal of giving back, CrOp stands for ‘Creative Opportunities’ and David aims to develop a community of artists who can work together to devise new opportunities. As a designer who has made a commitment to sustainable design practices the CrOp collection is made using 100% organic and certified fairtrade fabrics. David’s signature custom made prints use methods that have minimal impact on the environment and 10% of every CrOp collection goes towards a charity related to the inspiration behind each collection produced.

Crop by David Peck

[Image credits: top, Bridgette and bottom, Abby Dresses
CrOp by David Peck and Photograph Inspiration taken by Jamie Leigh Collier]

Trained as a fashion designer in Paris, David went onto launch his eponymous collection in the city in 2006, moving to New York in 2008 where he launched Untitled 11:11, and has now moved to Houston where he launching CrOp by David Peck in 2010. Mixing Parisian elegance with American practicality, the influence of David’s time spent honing his skills in some of Paris’s most famous luxury fashion houses is evident in the quality and luxury that go into his designs.

Crop by David Peck - Dresses

[Image credits: top, Olivia, centre, Taylor, bottom, Blaire Dresses
CrOp by David Peck and Photograph Inspiration taken by Jamie Leigh Collier]

…evocative prints that carry stories within their imprints

Additional details:
Collection available on the website priced at: USD$D95-USD$485
For further information about CrOp by David Peck and to purchase visit: www.davidpeckcollection.com

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