Design: Ifeanyi Oganwu, Beautifully Engineered Craft

Ifeanyi Oganwu [Nigeria]

Expand Design - Blue Splice

[Image credit: Blue Splice – Expand Design]

Ifeanyi Oganwu is a young talented architect and designer whom I had the honour of profiling for Design Indaba’s online platform. Ifeanyi who works in London is the founder of the experimental design studio Expand Design. His furniture designs are attracting attention for their fluid, organic forms. To find out more about Ifeayni and his work please visit Design Indaba to read the full profile.

Expand Design - Full circle
Expand Design - Double Agent Suite

[Image credits: top, Double Agent Suite; bottom Full Circle Bench – Expand Design]

Additional details:
for further information about Design Indaba visit: www.designindaba.com

[Image credits: The images shown belong to: Expand Design. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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