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Remembering Kossi Aguessy, A Visionary Designer and Artist

  It is with great shock and sadness that I learned about the death of the designer and artist Kossi Aguessy on 17th April 2017 on what was his 40th birthday. Having first discovered and featured his work on the website in 2011, I later had the privilege of interviewing him for a Design Indaba profile. The exchange was both fascinating and insightful as he shared his hopes and visions for future projects.

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Design: Profile of Kossi Aguessy on Design Indaba

Kossi Aguessy [Image credit: I-Doll Sculpture, The Earth- Kossi Aguessy] Kossi Aguessy is a multi-faceted creative who has collaborated with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Coca Cola and Stella McCartney. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kossi for the profile, Crossing Continents, and Disciplines, which can be read on Design Indaba. [Image credits: The images shown belong to Kossi Aguessy, and if downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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Design: Iman Deco Woven Patio Furniture

Iman Deco [Africa Inspired] [Image credit: Iman Deco Hoop Chair via MeubleSoLoft] I recently received a request asking for help with finding African or African inspired furniture and interior accessories, in particular, patio furniture and during my research came across the designs of French-based company Iman Deco, whose colourful and skillfully woven product ranges include casual tables, chairs, benches, runners, trays, and handbags. Handcrafted in Togo in partnership with local artisans, Iman Deco was launched in 2000 by Parisian designer Michèle Nexer, who sought to combine contemporary and retro style inspiration with traditional West African weaving techniques. The result was a lightweight range of […]

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Design: Innovative Industrial Designer Kossi Aguessy

Kossi Aguessy [Togo] [Image credits: Kossi Aguessy, Stella – yatzer] You may not be familiar with the name Kossi Aguessy, but many will be familiar with his award-winning work in the form of a perfume bottle for Stella McCartney, which just so happens to be one of my favourite perfumes. Born in Lomé, Togo to a mother of African Brazilian descent and a father of Togolese Yoruba descent; and having lived in New York City, London, Brazil, eventually settling in Paris and Rotterdam; Kossi describes himself as a “child of Africa, that pays no attention to the boundaries being then the son […]

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