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Nzuri is an ethically conscious luxury textiles brand that is immersed in ancient hand weaving traditions from around the world. The brand, founded in 2013 by Eno Jonah, is driven by an ethos to preserve traditional craftsmanship, cultural heritage, and the integrity of small industries.  And is inspired by a love of travel, which enabled Eno to learn about the beauty, and value of textiles in different cultures across Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Eno who grew up in Nigeria, and now lives in the US, works with teams of weavers and highly skilled artisans in West Africa, many of whom are from the generational weaving families she grew up with. The collections produced blend traditional techniques and motifs with modern aesthetics Nzuri’s collections exude understated elegance. She also produces a cashmere line in Mongolia, and works with weavers in Guatemala, tapping into a 150-year old heritage of Mayan weavers.


Edo Cushion Nzuri Textiles Traditional Weaving West Africa


“Our partnerships with our artisans provides new opportunities, enhances self-sufficiency and works to empower local entrepreneurship.” – Eno Jonah


Nzuri emphasizes sustainable, responsible and ethical textile production, and is committed to working with local artisans to sustain their livelihoods. Materials such as cotton are locally sourced, and the company produces its own natural dyes, among them indigo.


Biarritz Nzuri Textiles Cashmere Mongolia


Counteracting our discard culture, Nzuri’s furnishings are meticulously woven to age beautifully and become family heirlooms.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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