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Design: Binta by Philippe Bestenheider for Moroso

Binta [Africa Inspired]
Binta Wax print chairs

[Image source: via Dezeen]
These have to be some of the cutest chairs I have seen and a testament to the timeless appeal of wax cloth. Designed by Swiss designer Philippe Bestenheider for the Italian furniture company,Moroso, I first saw these chairs last year, 2009 and a year later they still look good.
Taking inspiration from Africa, the Binta chair is designed to evoke African woodcarvings and like a mighty Baobab with its trunk like feet, sits firmly on the floor. Upholstered in a patchwork of bold, colourful Senegalese fabrics adds personality, bringing the chair to life.
Binta African Chairs

[Image sources/Credits: left via Dezeen and right Moroso]
I think they are adorable and can see them on a patio, scattered around a living room or brightening up an office space. 

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