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Decor: Colourful, Contemporary African Masks on Mbare

Improved Arts Metal Sculpture Project [Zimbabwe]  

Mbare - Giraffe Hanging Wall Mask

A contemporary take on the ceremonial masks found across the African continent, these colourful Masks were made by members of the Improved Arts Metal Sculpture Project, a business based in Harare, Zimbabwe that was founded by the Mhankha Brothers in 1986, who upon discovering their artistic talents sought to depict African natural history through their innovative metalwork creations, that are made from old tin cans and other scrap metals gathered from businesses in Harare’s industrial areas.

Mbare - Antelope Hanging Wall Mask
Mbare - Cheetah Hanging Wall Mask

[Image credit: Improved Arts Metal Sculpture Project; 
top, Giraffe; centre, Antelope; bottom, Cheetah Hanging Wall Masks – Mbare]

Hard to miss, the masks would make for great conversation pieces, and bring a touch of whimsy with a dose of wisdom hidden within their forms. Familiar animals are made over in the Brothers unique graphic style and vibrant colour palettes that would brighten up any interior, and tap into their traditional beliefs and wider African mythology where animals are common subjects for masks, said to represent specific virtues. The Giraffe represents the ability to be a visionary and to apply the wisdom of the heart to all matters; the Antelope: vivacity, velocity, beauty and sharpness; and the Cheetah: speed, focus, and helping with accomplishing one’s goals. 

…certain to brighten your mood

Additional details:
Wall Masks priced at: USD$58
For further information on the Mhankha Brothers and to order visit: www.mbare.com   

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