Textiles: Tamara Magel Kanga Fabric Cushions

Tamara Magel [Africa Inspired]

Tamara Magel - East African Inspired Pillows

[Image credits: patterned Pillows – Tamara Magel]

Cushions galore! I have featured quite a few, but they are such a quick and easy way to instantly transform an interior and whilst on the US edition of Elle Decor I came across some pillows by New York-based interior designer Tamara Magel, that use East African Kaanga fabric, in a range of assorted graphic patterns.

Following a successful career in interior design; early 2011 saw Tamara open a showroom in New York’s Soho district, turning her creative style to sourcing and designing furniture and accessories that exude a global chic aesthetic. The collections bring together an eclectic mix of textiles, rugs, lighting, furniture, and accessories. Described as edgy yet sophisticated Tamara’s design influences include a blend of runway couture, vintage style, classic lines balanced with texture, sensual shapes and pops of colour. The showroom’s online website also carries some beautiful vintage Moroccan rugs and I also spotted this elegantly upholstered Moroccan stool and an Ashanti Mirror.

Tamara Magel - Moroccan Stool and Ashanti Mirror

[Image credits: left, Moroccan Stool; right, Ashanti Mirror – Tamara Magel]

Additional details:
Products shown priced from: USD$369-USD$3 487.50   
For further information about Tamara Magellan visit: www.tamaramagel.com

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