Decor: Mukukumarata Scrap Metal Bowls

Mukukumarata by Mark Hilltout [South Africa]

Mukurumarata Platters - Mark Hilltout

[Image credits: Mukukumarata Platter – Mark Hilltout]

‘Mukuku’ is the Zulu (South Africa) word for ‘shack’, and ‘Marata’ is a Shona (Zimbabwe) word that refers to bits of rusty scrap metal- think of corrugated tin sheets used for roofing on a simple structure and you get the idea. Cobbled together the two words form ‘Mukukumarata‘ and are the inspiration behind a highly unique range of platters and bowls for use in and around the home.  Taking the unwanted scraps that have been collected from the townships of South Africa, Mukukumarata was created by former graphic design professional Mark Hilltout who works from his workshop/studio based in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Taking about a day to complete items, Mark works to reveal the beauty within the scrap metals weaving them together to form the structure of the innovative vessels. The distinctive haphazard, patch-work effect comes from combining silver scraps with an array of earthy natural colours that gain their colour through the process of burnishing the metal. Mukukumarata products can be customised to specific finishes and sizes and customers are invited to visit the studio so see the different products ranges for themselves.

Mark Hilltout - Mukurumarata platters

[Image credits: Mukukumarata Platters – Mark Hilltout]

…from unwanted to rustic works of art…

Additional details:
For further information about Mark Hilltout visit: www.markhilltout.com
To order from the Mukukumarata collection visit: www.markhilltout.com

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