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Accessories: Emmanuel shuga Kasongo Vintage Inspiration, Contemporary Chic

Emmanuel shuga Kasongo [Democratic Republic of Congo]

Emmanuel shuga Kasongo - satchel

Emmanuel shuga Kasongo is a Congolese born, French designer who moved from Paris to London where he established his creative business, Ethno Art Vision in 1997, now the Cemak Collection, creating handbags, jewellery and other accessories inspired by his heritage, travels and background in the fashion industry. Emmanuel started out as a model for a leading French designer, later making the move into product sourcing and spent over a decade organising fashion shows and related events in Paris and Milan for leading French, Italian and Japanese designers.

Working for a French design house saw Emmanuel return to Africa to research the intricate weaving and embroidery techniques of royal and traditional African cloth. Emmanuel’s findings inspired him to develop his own range of handbags and accessories that make use of traditional fabrics such as; Kuba from Congo, Kente, and Ewe from Ghana, Bogolan from Mali, and Burkina Faso and as well as fabrics from the Mbuta Pygmies of the Congo. Emmanuel’s resulting collection stylish roomy bags work are full of pattern and texture, combining leather, vintage Kuba, and vegetable-dyed fabrics and finished off with Kuba velvet rings and an eclectic collection of bead detailing incorporated into the straps.

Emmanuel shuga Kasongo

[Image credit: Vintage African textile bags – Emmanuel shuga Kasongo]

Passionate about art, Emmanuel also works as a consultant drawing on his experiences and sources exclusive art pieces for department stores, museums, and galleries across the world. Aided by NGO’s part of Emmanuel’s work interests sees him help local African artists and associations to further develop their products for an international market and during one of the projects discovered a Palm Fibre handbag, created by the women of Molokai village in Congo that uses a form of raffia, Emmanuel worked with the women to design, develop and market the bags. Most recently Emmanuel has created an exclusive line of jewellery for US-based department store, Nordstrom’s concept store, Treasure&Bond based in New York’s Soho district. Treasure&Bond philosophy is one that brings together retail and philanthropic efforts with 100% of profits going towards benefiting children and local communities in need.

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