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Jewellery: Luxury Jewellery Featuring Elements of Moroccan Heritage

Nessa [Morocco]

Nessa - Aziyade Collection

[Image credit: Nessa – CoutureLab]

I have a preference for silver jewellery, so rarely wear or purchase yellow gold jewellery, and although the beautiful finely detailed work of Paris-based jeweller Vanessa Mimran are tempting enough to persuade me to change my mind, there is the option to choose white gold. Vanessa launched her company Nessa in 2006, creating jewellery characterised by 18carat gold filigree work enhanced with diamonds and gemstones, resulting in a very feminine collection of luxury jewellery. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland by her Moroccan father and American mother Vanessa studied at Parson’s School of Design in New York before settling in Paris where she began creating her own accessories, with a desire to establish her own jewellery line.

Nessa Earrings

[Image credit: Nessa, Tears of Joy Earrings – CoutureLab]

Setting out to create jewellery that she personally would want to wear; and influenced by her travels, love of art and multi-cultural upbringing Vanessa’s delicate metalwork creations are detailed and aesthetically pleasing. The precise, at times symmetrical designs have elements of her Moroccan heritage, echoing the skilful, intricate patterns and forms commonly found across the region.

Nessa - Snake bracelet
Nessa - Aziyade Ring

[Image credit: Nessa, top, Snake Collection; bottom, Aziyade Collection – La Boutique des Joailliers]

…delicate and subtly seductive.

Additional details:
Prices on La Boutique des Joailliers range from: €300-€3400
Prices on Couturelab range from: £943 /€1,103 /USD$1,518-£3,382 /€3,957/USD$5,445
For further information about Nessa visit:
Nessa Jewellery is available to purchase on:, and  

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