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Design: Mbare Points Du Jour Basket Reader Offer



Mbare [Africa Inspired]

Mbare - Point Du Jour Dish

[Image credits: Tavie Co-operative, Points Du Jour Basket – Mbare]

A few months ago I featured a beautifully woven palm dish handcrafted by the Tavie Co-operative in Niger, click here to read. Currently retailing on Mbare, the full range of dishes incorporate unique details such as silver Touareg discs placed in the centre; as seen in the Coucher De Soleil and Rayon De Soleil styles; whilst other designs feature indigo thread in intense hues, creating a striking contrast against the natural colour of the leaves. One of the dishes that incorporates the indigo thread is the stylish Points Du Jour, whose design sees the thread scattered around at seemingly random points.

The placement of the thread however, serves to reveal how long the artist took to complete the dish, as at the end of each weaving day the artist would weave a bit of thread as a marker indicating where they left off. The dish is finished of with the insertion of the Tavie Co-operative’s signature silver metal tube of authentication. Mbare have kindly offered African Daydreams readers 27% of the Tavie Co-operative Points Du Jour dish, valid from Monday 6 August 2012 until Thursday 6 September 2012. The dish normally retails at USD$68, but will cost USD$50 once the discount is applied. This offer does not affect the amount received by the Tavie Cooperative, and is sponsored entirely by Mbare, meaning the maximum amount possible is going to support the artists. To claim your discount, you will need to do the following: 

1) Go to: www.mbare.com/points-du-jour
2) Click ‘Add to Cart’
3) At the top right of the website, click ‘Shopping Cart’
4) The dish will appear at full price, enter the coupon code ‘DAYDREAMS‘ and click Apply Code
5) At the bottom of the page, the cart total will display the discount
6) Complete the checkout process to order the dish

Terms and conditions
• Customers can buy up to 5 discounted dishes 
• The offer cannot be combined with any other coupon

Additional details:
For further information about Mbare visit: www.mbare.com

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