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Maison Intègre Objects Paying Homage to the Ancestral Heritage of Burkina Faso’s Bronze Lost Wax Techniques

Lost wax is a technique of producing metal objects that dates back thousands of years and is a skill used by artisans in different cultures around the world. The technique has been used in West Africa for centuries contributing to the creation of elaborate bronze, gold, and brass objects for royalty and ceremonial occasions. Inspired by this rich heritage Maison Intègre pays homage to the ancestral heritage of bronze lost wax techniques in Burkina Faso.

Maison Intègre was founded in 2017 by Ambre Jarno, who after spending many years in West Africa, in particular Burkina Faso, began collaborating with local artisans in Ouagadougou to create limited edition furniture and interior object collections cast using bronze. The bronze itself is sourced from recycling discarded metals. Maison Intègre draws design inspiration from local customs and everyday functional objects, reinterpreting what one may take for granted into collectable objects of art. In doing so Maison Intègre is breathing new life into ancient skills, helping to preserve them for present, and future generations.

Lost wax is a technique of creating an object by first making a wax model around which clay or a type of plaster is applied. The piece is then fired in an oven and as the outer material hardens the wax melts escaping through an opening that would have left in the clay. leaving behind a mould in which to pour molten metal. Once the metal cools and solidifies the clay is removed revealing the final piece.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Maison Intègre visit: https://maisonintegre.com

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