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Art: Doors of Africa

Doors [Africa Inspired]  

Mounted Dogon Door

Fed up after the deafening sound of another slammed door, my sister took her kids to task telling them that when she was a child, also going around slamming doors my dad, also having had enough would tell her ‘…you must treat a door with respect, it lets you out [to achieve and experience things in the world] and it keeps you safe [protecting you from the dangers that can enter]’ wise words indeed and even today as grown adults we still get stern looks from my Dad should we happen to ‘accidentally’ slam a door in his presence. By sheer coincidence later that evening I found myself on Pinterest perusing a board by Monika Ettlin featuring some fine examples of traditional and contemporary African art and craft, including an amazing collection of doors, gates and entrances from carved to patterned; from Mali to Zanzibar.

African Door Inspiration
Traditional African carved doors

[Images sources: Monika Ettlin via Pinterest
bottom right, Tonga Door – Hamill Gallery]

…an endless source of inspiration

Additional information:
To view Monika Ettlin’s entire board and for individual image source links visit: http://pinterest.com/monikaettlin

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