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Design: Surilight Inspired by the Adornment of the Suri Tribe of Ethiopia

Surilight by Egg Designs [South Africa]

Brass Surilight - Egg Designs

[Image credit: Brass Surilght]

The Surilight is a cascading chandelier that is inspired by classical African craft and adornment, in particular paying homage to the decorative earlobe discs worn by the women of the Suri Tribe in Ethiopia. Choosing from four silhouette frames as a base, the Surilight is a self-assembly system based on a series of interlocking circles and other optional components that allow you to configure and customise the chandelier to suit your style. The components are available in a range of finishes that include, metallics, acrylics, and coated steel. In addition to this, a range of trims and adornments made from materials such as Ostrich eggshells, Nguni cow horn, recycled glass beads, and Zulu woven beaded ornaments are also available to further enhance the look of the Surilight.

Surilight in Acrylic Playful in Ocean
sURILIGHT - Acrylic Playful in Flamingo
Brass Surilight - Egg Designs
Acrylic Neutral in Amber

[Image credits: Surilight finishes from top, Metallics Brass with additional adornments;
Acrylic Playful in Ocean; Acrylic Playful in Flamingo; and Acrylic Neutral in Amber]

  We are inspired by the rawness and beauty of Africa, its people, talents, wildlife and great outdoors. – Egg Designs

Acrylic Neutrals Charcoal Surilight

[image credit: Acrylic Neutrals Charcoal Surilight]

The Surilight was designed by Egg Designs; a South African design studio that was founded in 1996 by Greg and Roché Dry. Egg Designs is inspired by Africa, tapping into the continent’s rich and ever-evolving creative heritage to create bespoke furniture and lighting for hospitality, retail & residential spaces.

Additional details:
For further information about the Surilight visit: www.surilight.com
For further information about Egg Designs visit: http://eggdesigns.co.za

[Image credits: All images belong to Surilight/Egg Designs. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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