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Le Sidi Boutique Hotel A Serene Sanctuary on Egypt’s North Coast

Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Egypt Super Suite Living Room

Tucked away in Hacienda Bay on the shores of Egypt’s North Coast you will find the exclusive boutique hotel, Le Sidi, a serene sanctuary with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by the North African and Mediterranean cultures of its setting Le Sidi offers its guests a journey into past and present. The word’ Sidi’ meaning ‘master’ was an important title in the 14th and 15th centuries bestowed on the region’s connoisseurs who created and built the new civilisations around the Mediterranean. By using the title Le Sidi seeks to revive Egypt’s rich, legendary cultural heritage referencing the architectural art, and sourcing locally-made products for the decor.

Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Villa Dining Room

Le Sidi is made up of 28 elegantly appointed rooms and suites. Exuding a sophisticated rustic-luxe aesthetic the interiors are peaceful and inviting. Taking inspiration from the soothing colours of the ivory sands, shimmering sea, and natural landscape, earthy, neutral colours and natural textures abound. Off white walls provide a canvas in which to highlight the furniture and decor. Wood shows up in ceiling beams and furniture such as the caved stools, bed frames and tables. Woven details appear in baskets, pendant lights and easy chairs, and handwoven linens and rugs add layers of texture and pattern.

Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Egypt Villa Living Room
Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Egypt Suite Bedroom
Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Egypt Villa Bathroom

Guests have access to a pool and a private beach. And when it comes to dining Le Sidi has its own organic farm and uses this as the basis on which to craft its fresh seasonal menu inspired by the local flavours of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Le Sidi Boutique Hotel Egypt Suite Private Terrace

Le Sidi, a haven to relax and unwind.

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Le Sidi visit: http://le-sidi.com/

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