16/16 an Arty Boutique Hotel in the Heart of Lagos

16/16 is a dynamic space for exchanging ideas. Offering a creative incubator and a boutique hotel, the Lagos-based platform brings together creatives from Nigeria and beyond to share and explore their creativity. The hotel offers 10 individually styled en-suite rooms including the Iamisigo Room, a deluxe king suite designed by the Nigerian creative director and artist Bubu Ogisi.

Paying homage to the forest the Iamisigo Room is a celebration of natural materials and local craftsmanship. Organic textures abound. Raffia is used to create hanging light fittings and woven baskets that give the room the rustic vibe of an untamed forest inviting guests to be at one with nature. Raffia is also used to adorn seating and walls in the form of wall hangings. Contrasting the earthy tones, the greenery of potted plants add bursts of colour.

Bubu is known for her reconstructing deconstructing process and for repurposing reclaimed materials. The natural theme continues with the use of jute sacking for cushions and other textile accents, and wood including reclaimed wood in the construction of the bed frame, seating and shelving.

Bubu is the founder of the clothing and lifestyle label IAMISIGO. Her work makes use of ancestral African crafts and traditions. The experimental nature of her designs is reflected in her approach to the 16/16 room interior room design. The pieces showcased in the room are part of her latest homeware collection and by using them in the space Bubu is giving guests the opportunity to experience her designs in situ.

– Tapiwa

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Bubu Ogisi. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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