Shining the Light on African Cultures Through Furniture Design

In Zimbabwe’s Shona language, Baka means to switch on or spark in order to make something shine. It is the name given to a furniture company that seeks to spread the roots and deep truths of African cultures through its modern handcrafted furniture collections. The company logo is based on the iconic and elaborately decorated traditional Shona headrest.

Baka’s collections are crafted in their workshop in South Africa, which produces seating, tables. storage solutions and lighting. The inspiration for each product design is based on a specific African culture. This can be seen in patterns carved onto wood surfaces, and woven textiles used for upholstery.

Solid wood, streamlined steel frames and luxurious textiles are just some of the materials used to craft each product. Care and attention are paid to the details to craft furniture that is not only comfortable but durable to withstand the demands of day-to-day living.

Baka is all about heritage furniture with a modern aesthetic.

For further information about Baka visit: https://www.bakafurniture.com/

[Image credits: The images shown belong to Baka. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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