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Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa[Mozambique]

Resorts in Africa - Indigo Bay resort and spa bazaruto island

Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa has been a daydream for a while, albeit an intermittent one – but we are talking over a good number of years, so it’s only right it should be honoured as the first posting. I first came to know Indigo Bay when the design studio I was working with at the time acquired them as a client.

Holidays to Africa - Indigo bay resort and spa sunset
Resorts in Africa - Indigo bay resort and spa accommodation

Located on Bazaruto Island the largest of an archipelago idyll just of the Mozambique coast that nestles amid the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Indigo Bay Island Resort and Spa is described as the archetypical tropical island paradise surrounded by palm trees and white sandy beaches. However, the beauty of Indigo Bay is that it defines the term understated luxury hideaway… here you will not find hoards of tourists instead serene beaches with some of the finest diving and fishing in the world or if you are more like me get pampered to your hearts content in the most luxurious of spas brought to you courtesy of the Sanctuary Group. The guest areas and accommodation utilises natural materials like reed, soft-fringed thatch and wood in order to blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings and comprises 30 Beach chalets and 14 luxury villas.

Indigo bay resort and spa deck

[Image credits: Indigobayresort] Tempted?

Additional Details:
Rates currently shown on the website range from USD$465- USD$2500
For more information visit: www.indigobayresort.com

An ultimate daydream for me, although I realise stiff competition is in the offering as we proceed.

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