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Studio Badge Ghana Interior Elegant Accessories Combining Wood And Concrete

Studio Badge Maxi Kukie Concrete Platter

Studio Badge in Ghana creates chic lifestyle accessories for the modern home. Bearing a minimalist aesthetic underpinned by the founder’s architectural background, each product is handcrafted in limited edition quantities meaning a unique product. 

Working to change the Made in Africa perception to one of quality in design and production, Studio Badge works closely with highly skilled local artisans to produce their collections of platters and bowls made using kiln-dried Ghanaian hardwood and other locally sourced materials. Concrete is a particular favourite to work with, and on its own or combined with wood is translated into a distinctive collection of platters and planters.


Studio Badge Mini Aitch Concrete And_Wood_Platter Modern African Design Made In Ghana


Studio Badge Razo Wooden Bowl Contemporary African Design




“We are committed to proving that Africans can and will build top design manufacturing brands that can stand tall amongst international peers.” – Studio Badge


Studio Badge Danso Wooden Platter Made In Ghana


– Tapiwa Matsinde


Additional details:

For further information about Studio Badge visit: https://studiobadge.com


[Image credits: The images shown belong to Studio Badge. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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