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Exhibition: Fashion Cities Africa Marking Africa’s Influence On Global Fashion

Fashion Cities Africa [Exhibition]

Fashion Cities Africa
© Judith Ricketts_2523.jpg

[Main image credit: Fashion Cities Africa, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – Judith Ricketts]

Fashion Cities Africa is a major UK based exhibition that explores and celebrates the African continent’s influence and contribution to global fashion. The exhibition which opened earlier this year on 30th April at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery explores the diverse fashion and style of four leading African cities, Casablanca in Morocco; Nairobi in Kenya; Lagos in Nigeria and Johannesburg in South Africa. Cities that are at the compass points of the African continent. Fashion Cities Africa tackles the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding African fashion and its diverse expressions of creativity.  

Fashion Cities Africa
© Judith Ricketts_2525.jpg

[Image credit: Fashion Cities Africa, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery – Judith Ricketts]  

The exhibition was curated alongside museum staff by African fashion specialists and authors Hannah Azieb Pool and Helen Jennings who visited each of the cities in the summer of 2015 to identify the key players and explore the local fashion scene. On display is an array of clothing from couture to street style the sections accompanied by images, sound, and film that invoke the spirit and creativity of each city.  

Fashion Cities Africa
© Judith Ricketts_2528.jpg

[Image credit: Fashion Cities Africa at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery; top image credit, Judith Ricketts; bottom image,2manysiblings (Velma Rossa and Papa Petit) photographed by VOStudio]  

A must-see for lovers of African fashion Fashion Cities Africa runs until 8 January 2017 and is accompanied by a beautifully illustrated book of the same name edited by Hannah Azieb Pool and filled with interviews with designers, stylists, bloggers, commentators shaping the fashion scene in their respective cities.  

Africa Hannah Azieb Pool Intellect Books

[Image credit: Fashion Cities Africa, Book – Intellect Books / Brighton Museum and Art Gallery]  

And, this weekend from the 28th-30th October the Brighton Museum will be hosting a celebration of African fashion, food, music, and film inspired by the exhibition.

Additional details:
For further information about the African Cities Exhibition visit: http://brightonmuseums.org.uk
Purchase Fashion Cities Africa Book: Amazon £20

[Image credits: Book cover image sourced from Intellect Books, all other images sourced from Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and belong to the credited photographer If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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