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London based Interior Architecture and Furniture Studio Miminat designs furniture collections inspired by the iconic designs found in African art and culture incorporating the inspiration into contemporary pieces with a minimalist silhouette.


Miminat Dip Lounger Contemporary African furniture design


The London-based company was founded by interior architect Mimi Shodeinde in 2014. Mimi’s mission is to use her product designs to reintroduce her West African heritage to the Western world. This has seen her reference ancient cultural practices such as scarification, the rhythmic lines, and placement of the wood Mimi uses mirroring the patterns seen carved on the faces of traditional Nigerian sculptures.


Miminat The Iman Lounger Inspired by traditional African art


Miminat Karamat minimalist box chair with bold continuous lines and sleek body


Using the finest quality materials sourced from around the world, every Miminat piece is handmade, hand produced and hand finished by highly skilled craftsmen in the UK and Italy. By keeping close relationships with the craftsmen  Mimi is able to ensure the quality of each piece and pay attention to the meticulous details required to tailor each piece to suit a customer’s requirements.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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