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Eva Sonaike [Nigeria]

Eva Sonaike Eko Eclipse Collection

[Image credit: Eko Eclipse Collection – Eva Sonaike]

London-based textile and lifestyle brand Eva Sonaike launches Eko Eclipse, their latest collection of textiles and soft furnishings that are based on vibrant African prints. The brand’s creative director, Eva Sonaike herself drew inspiration from the West African metropolis that is Lagos, which was formerly known as Eko and was imbued with the folklore of the symbiotic relationship between the earth, the moon and the traditional Gods of the universe, who brought rain, wind, and thunder to the planet.

Eva Sonaike - Ara II Cushion
Eva Sonaike - Aye Pouf I
Eva Sonaike - Koja II Cushion

[Image credits: Eko Eclipse collection, from top, Ara II Cushion;
Aye Pouf I; and Koja II Cushion – Eva Sonaike]

These legends are relayed throughout the collection by the use of a sophisticated palette of subtle blues, warm terracottas, and bright yellows that signify both the heavens and the earth. In addition to this, each name bestowed on a product is filled with its own special significance, as follows:

AYE (earth) leads the collection representing the earth and its oceans with its planet-inspired design.

OJO (rain) evokes memories from Eva’s childhood as she sat watching the sky through the geometric patterns of the open verandas as the heavens bathed the world in life-bringing water during the rainy season.

ARA is the manifestation of thunder signified by large individual circular raindrops linked together to represent the continuity of life.

OSUPA is the moon and the universe reimagined in the form of a traditional Yoruba knot design, which has been used in traditional ‘adire’ cloth for centuries to represent fertility and unity.

KOJA is the cool morning breeze wafting through the world after a stormy night.

Eva Sonaike - Ojo II Tray

[Image credit: Ojo II Tray – Eva Soanike]

In keeping with its combination of tradition and modernity, the Eko Eclipse collection is also inspired by Adire, the distinctive classical Yorba batik techniques.

Additional details:
The Eko Eclipse collection priced at: £39-£750
For further information about Eva Sonaike visit: www.evasonaike.com

[Image credits: All images belong to Eva Sonaike. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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