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Arijiju A Peaceful Private Home Nestled in the Kenyan Highlands

Arijiju is a unique private family home nestled in the Kenyan Highlands. Taking its name from the Masaai word meaning ‘the hill on which it was built’ Arijiju is built into the hillside of the Borana Conservancy, a private game reserve in Laikipia county, Kenya.

For Arijijiu’s owner, a British/Nigerian financier who grew up in the UK and in Nigeria, the retreat was not just an opportunity to reconnect with his African roots, but also to be a part of investing in conservation projects. Borana Conservancy is teeming with game, which the management has been working hard to protect from poachers and other threats.

Inspired by the architecture of ancient Ethiopian monasteries Arijiju is a 5-bedroomed house constructed from natural hand-chiselled stone and has a flat roof topped with turf to ensure it blends into the landscape. The elegant arched corridors framing the courtyard give off the feel of a sacred sanctuary heightening the sense of a peaceful retreat. Arijiju’s owner was involved in every aspect of the build, taking several years to decide on the right spot for his house, and that the design met his exacting needs for a private, peaceful retreat. The result is a home that is at once ancient and contemporary in appearance.

The interior design references English and African influences. The opulence of grand chandeliers contrasts bare walls of exposed rock and concrete finishes. Sourced from around the world the furniture is majestic, yet minimal, and rich textures add to the elegance of the home. The home also features a pool, gym, and spa and traditional Hamman.

Initially built as a private home Arijijiu has opened its doors for exclusive hire welcoming guests to savour all the nature reserve has to offer.

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Arijiju visit: www.arijiju.com

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