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MADE51, Design-Led Craft for Social Impact

MADE51 is a pioneering initiative that brings together designers with refugees to create and craft products for a global market. Conceived by UNHCR MADE51 is part of the agency’s activities to protect and save lives. Finding themselves in a foreign country craft has become a way of restoring dignity to refugees. Craft helps those who have been displaced to hold onto their culture, giving them a sense of purpose and stability, and to earn an income as they begin the process of rebuilding their shattered lives. Working with some of Africa’s leading design brands such as A A K S, Tribal Textiles, Afrika Tiss, Indego Africa, Roots, and Womencraft MADE51 is making an impact on lives around the world.

Craft is a common skill refugees have or can be taught. And with craft often being linked to culture is a way of creating belonging between refugee communities and their hosts. The MADE51 initiative works by identifying the refugees and the skills they have, then partner them with the appropriate local social enterprise. The enterprise and artisan refugees work together to develop a market-ready product that is managed by the enterprise. MADE51 also offers business and legal support to all involved.

The MADE51 collection includes a beautifully curated selection of homeware, jewellery and lifestyle accessories made by refugees in Lebanon, Rwanda, India, South Sudan, Turkey, and Burkina Faso to name a few. The products created are sold through the MADE51 online shop.

– Tapiwa

For further information about MADE51 visit: https://www.made51.org

[Image credits: The images shown belong to and are sourced from MADE51. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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