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MADE51, Design-Led Craft for Social Impact

MADE51 is a pioneering initiative that brings together designers with refugees to create and craft products for a global market. Conceived by UNHCR MADE51 is part of the agency’s activities to protect and save lives. Finding themselves in a foreign country craft has become a way of restoring dignity to refugees. Craft helps those who have been displaced to hold onto their culture, giving them a sense of purpose and stability, and to earn an income as they begin the process of rebuilding their shattered lives. Working with some of Africa’s leading design brands such as A A K S, […]

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Jewellery: The Roots Project Contemporary Beaded Dinka Corset

The Roots Project [South Sudan]   Absolutely stunning; I am in awe of this draped cape, it looks like it has been knitted but in fact has made with strand upon strand of tiny beads and in what is most certainly a time-consuming process. Known as a Dinka Corset the garment takes a few weeks to make and is just one of the examples of contemporary and traditional jewellery being produced by members of the Roots Project, a not-for-profit organisation with a centre based in Nimra Talata, Juba, the capital of South Sudan located by the Nile River. Founded in 2009 […]

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