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Textiles: Inspired by Africa’s Currencies

ekofabrik [Africa Inspired]
Old ZWD 2 note


[Image credit: ekofabrik blog]
Now here is something I haven’t seen in like, forever and it certainly took me back in time! 
I’m taking about the mid-80’s; and the object in question is a vintage Zimbabwean $2 note, later withdrawn and replaced with a coin and now virtually nonexistent.
Browsing the net yesterday and following some random but interesting links I stumbled upon US-based ekofabrik showcasing the note design printed on a cushion. Using vintage paper money collected on her travels as a child, designer Kim Johnson replicates the designs onto organic cotton pillows that are backed with a soft eco-felt made from 100 percent post consumer recycled plastic bottles.
[Image credit: ekofabrik blog]
ekofabrik ZW Currency pillow


Growing up in the ‘80s ZWD$2 was a lot of money to us kids and seeing the note took me right back to my childhood days, hitting me with a wave of nostalgia. I was suddenly overcome with memories, a feeling of longing and started reminiscing about things like… buying ice-cream from the Dairibord and Lyons Maid bicycle vans, who’d come down the road during the school holidays ringing their tin bells; visiting the Harare Show, especially the fireworks on Saturday night when we were old enough to go by ourselves; hanging out at Dairy Den before it disappeared; if we were really lucky a whole note for pocket-money to get Freezits, CentaCools, Freddos, Chomps, Corn Curls and sweets from the tuck-shop at break time; catching a mini-bus into the city centre to see the latest movie at Kine 1 or 2; and the best fudge, toffee and shortbread ever from the Sister in Charge of Sick Bay at school – it got a lot of people through exams, discreetly hidden in blazer pockets; the fudge in particular I haven’t had anything like it since, I’m still on the hunt for something that comes close and just writing about it makes my mouth water…  Good times!
ekofabrik currency pillows


[Image credits: clockwise from top left-hand: South Africa, Budapest, Italy, Portugal, Norway – ekofabrik blog]
ekofabrik’s money designs include those of South Africa, Budapest, Norway, Portugal and Italy; all based on currency from the 1980’s – maybe they bring back memories for you too if you are from any of those nations.


Additional Details:
Prices for cushions shown: USD$75
To purchase and found out more visit: www.etsy.com/shop/ekofabrik  

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  1. Hi Tapiwa,
    Thanks so much for the blog post! I am so happy you like them. I just came across this today and posted a link to my blog!
    Best, Kim