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M Project by Baobab Collection [Inspired by Africa]

delyss baobab bougie mena Mena Max 24 Candle - M project by Baobab Collection

[Image credit: Mena Max 24 Candle -M project by Baobab Collection – Delyss]

Belgian interior fragrance brand, Boabab Collection recently launched a new range of scented candles that celebrate exquisite African craftsmanship, natural materials, and invigorating scents.

delyss baobab bougie mahary M project by Baobab Collection

Mena Max 16 Candle M project by Baobab Collection Delyss

[Image credit: top, Mainty Max 24 Candle; bottom Mena Max 16 Candle –
M project by Baobab Collection – Delyss]

A limited-edition of five candles in the M Project collection is produced in collaboration with artisans in Madagascar, which sees each candle encased in an elegant woven organic raffia finish that comes in either black and beige or red and beige amongst other designs.

m project by Baobab Collection delyss Madagascar Raffia

[Image credit: M project by Baobab Collection – Baobab Collection]

The Boabab Collection range of luxurious interior fragrances are inspired by global travels and have a special connection to Africa. Featured previously on Atelier Fifty-Five you can read more about the brand here.

Additional Details:
The M Project Collection is priced at: £69-£195 / 75-205 
Available to purchase from Delyss: www.delyss.com
For further information about Baobab Collection visit: www.baobabcollection.com

​[Image credits: All images belong to Boabab Collection and Delyss, and are copyright the photographer where stated. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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