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Fashion: Vlisco Delicate Shades Featuring Sabine Pieper Illustrations

Vlisco [Africa Inspired]

Vlisco - Delicate Shades Campaign

[Image credit: Delicate Shades Campaign – Vlisco]

Having struggled with it in the beginning I soon grew to love the life drawing classes that were a fundamental part of my design course; and began increasingly looking forward to a whole day of losing myself in interpreting the contours and shadows of the model’s body onto paper. Starting out shading with pencils, pastels quickly became my medium of choice, rendering the figure in simple black lines and then going ‘crazy’ with the bright colours to pick out the pattern and texture in clothing and accessories, this gave my work the feeling of a layered effect. I haven’t done an observation drawing in ages, and keep promising myself I’ll take up some life drawing classes soon, but its finding the time, which when it comes down to it is partly an excuse as it has been way too long since I picked up a pencil or pastel to simply draw and I know I would have to learn the skill all over again, because although I had the basic skills, figure drawing didn’t come as naturally to me as it does to some requiring some serious concentration…one of these days though… I couldn’t however help being transported back to my art college days when I saw the latest campaign from Dutch textile company, Vlisco that features illustrations of an elegant, graceful African woman rendered in what looks like pencil or charcoal and then layered with the vibrant Dutch wax cloth prints that Vlisco is renowned for.

Entitled ‘Delicate Shades’ the campaign is a collaboration with fashion illustrator, Sabine Pieper and advertises Vlisco’s latest fabric collection; one which places a even greater focus on the design aspect and drawing techniques that come into play when devising the company’s fabric collections. Vlisco’s designers looked at ways to create two designs in one and the resulting multiple layers of the patterns give the designs a three-dimensional quality and a different appearance when viewed from different angles, and when offset against the figure in the illustrations give depth suggesting free-flowing movement. The fabrics also display a transparency effect that is enhanced by Vlisco’s signature vibrant complementary colours. I love the depth and life the fabrics bring to the illustrations; just think how gorgeous they would look framed and hung in an ultra-feminine bedroom, dressing room or in a studio for inspiration. Taking your cue and using this as inspiration you could create your own using colours that appeal to you and your mood… And not just for creating stylish clothing collections, the fabrics would also make for some stunning interior furnishings, think elegantly upholstered patio furniture in the bright geometric honeycomb patterns or giving a new lease of life to the tired seating of your favourite dining room or lounge chairs.

Vlisco Delicate Shades Fabric Swatches and Illustrations

[Image credit: Delicate Shades Campaign and Fabric Swatches – Vlisco]

Producing fabrics since 1846 and catering to markets predominately in West and Central Africa, when it comes to pushing the envelope on defining African elegance Vlisco has positioned itself as one of the forerunners, giving a firm African favourite; Dutch Wax cloth, sultry and seductive makeovers with each collection released. Creating fabrics and imagery that depict the elegant, glamorous side of Africa Vlisco’s collections are a visual feast showcasing the possibilities of wax cloth, working to entice a new generation of the modern African woman and beyond. Tapping into the must-have feeling it makes you want to go off and create your own wardrobe of showstopping ensembles and in anticipating this desire a new themed collection, inspired by international trends is launched every quarter catering to a sophisticated and loyal clientele (of mainly women) who constantly seek ‘something a little bit different’ with each new design without compromising on quality.

Vlisco - Delicate Shades Illustrations

[Image credit: Delicate Shades Campaign – Vlisco]

In addition to its headquarters in The Netherlands, there are five Vlisco’s boutiques in Africa: Benin, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

…imaginative, colourful and captivating; a reflection of the growing recognition of just how glamorous, sophisticated and luxurious Africa’s style and creativity can be

Additional details:
For further information about Vlisco and to purchase fabrics visit: www.vlisco.com
Read the interview with Sabine Pieper at: www.vlisco.com

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