Design: Graphic Patterns for Striking Packaging

Brittany Albertson [South Africa]


In keeping with the theme of geometric patterns, I came across these striking packaging designs on Creative Roots. The designs were developed by Graphic Design student, Brittany Albertson for a fictional South African wine packaging label called Wyn. Inspired by South Africa’s art and architecture, Brittany sought to blend South Africa’s diverse cultures. Wyn is the Afrikaans word for wine, and the designs reference local art such as the mesmerising geometric patterns employed by local peoples like the Ndebele. A refreshing contemporary colour palette helps reinforce the brand identity.


  I was inspired by the bold and striking colours that are used throughout South African art and architecture. I was also influenced by the amazing use of pattern in South African culture and the intricacy of those patterns. – Brittany Albertson 


Additional details:
You can view more of Brittany’s work on her Pinterest site: www.pinterest.com/source/brittanyalbertson.com
For further information about Creative Roots visit: http://creativeroots.org/2013/05/south-african-wine-packaging-wyn

[Image credit: Images shown belong to: Brittany Albertson. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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