Decor: Raymond Masara Wire Work Furniture

Raymond Masara [Zimbabwe] 

Raymond Masara

[Image credits: top left, Lighting – Raymond Masara
clockwise from top right, Raymond Masara Table, Stool and Chair via dbriefed]

Like a piece of string squiggled across a page, innovative Zimbabwean furniture designer, Raymond Masara creates a colourful, range of stools, tables, lamps, and lounge chairs from steel rod wirework techniques. Raymond’s colour choices are inspired by nature and the intriguing twisted shapes reflect and connect him to a childhood growing up in pain and poverty.  Born in Malawi Raymond is now based in Cape Town, and was named the 2011 emerging creative designer at Design Indaba for his sculptural yet functional furniture pieces. Although the twisted effect comes across as being busy, look at it closer and you will see that the designs themselves are quite simple in style relying on the shapes cast by the twisted wire to add depth and interest. Still a young artist, Raymond is developing his style and has caught the attention of design critics who are keeping a watchful eye on his progress.  

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For further information about Raymond Masara visit: http://raymondmasara.com

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