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Decor: Thuthuka Jewellery Development Programme

Thuthuka [South Africa]


In September I visited International Jewellery London to see what was happening in the world of jewellery. It was dazzling, to say the least with a range of businesses from precious gem dealers to independent emerging designers. Several countries had trade exhibition stands to showcase the designs and opportunities with their various sectors, and stopping by the South African pavilion, I got chatting with several of the individual designers and business representatives. Amongst them was Thuthuka, a jewellery development programme that was founded in 2009, and is an initiative of South African based organisation Jewellery Africa. 

Thuthuka works with young emerging jewellery designers from community jewellery schools and tertiary institutions, and focuses on promoting contemporary South African design, by encouraging individuality and craftsmanship amongst their students. Products produced include jewellery and tableware, all hand made in limited editions, some of which were on display at International Jewellery London in the form of exquisite statement necklaces and beautifully crafted spoons, which would make lovely keepsake gifts.


[Image credits: top, Leaf Inspired Silver and Brass Serving Spoons; 
centre, Rock Theme Silver and Brass Sugar Spoons; 
bottom, Royal Theme Spoon and Buttons – Thuthuka]

Thuthuka, meaning to grow and develop in isiZulu, equips students with the necessary skills in areas such as sales and marketing, to help towards gaining employment or creating their own businesses and generating sustainable incomes. Thuthuka holds an annual competition; which is open to all participants in community jewellery groups and tertiary institutions.

Additional details:
For further information about Thuthuka visit: http://jewelleryafrica.co.za

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