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Successful Goal Planning For The Entrepreneur Who Wants To Achieve Their Goals

It is a scientific fact that repetition helps to reinforce things in our minds, in turn influencing our habits and actions. So imagine what you could achieve by regularly writing down your goals and having them to hand as you go about your workday. By constantly having to write out your goals and having them in front of you every day you will start to affirm, and truly believe in them because they will become embedded into your subconsciousness. But in order for goals to work, you need to set the right ones. So how do you set goals that […]

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Hitting the reset button on missed goals to get you back on track

Goals help us bring our dreams to life, but sometimes we can miss the goal deadlines we have set for ourselves. If things have been a bit of a struggle and you have slipped and fallen behind don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens. In life, not everything goes to plan. But it is how you deal with the changes and setbacks that determines how successfully you pick yourself up to have another go. Simply take a deep breath, press pause to reflect on why you missed the achieving goal, then hit the reset button to start from where […]

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Creating A Daily / Weekly / Monthly Work Schedule That Works For You

As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of your time and have a responsibility to make sure that you get the most out of your working days. Being your own boss means juggling a lot of hats as you find yourself dealing with lots of different things that demand your attention. Having a daily / weekly / monthly work schedule that works for you will help keep you on track of what you need to get done as you work towards growing your business and achieving your goals.

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