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A Guide To Turning Your Creative Hobby Into A Thriving Business

You’ve been developing your creative hobby for a while and are now seriously thinking about turning it into a thriving business. Maybe friends and family have been encouraging you to sell your creations. Perhaps you have enquires coming from recommendations. Or you want to create an additional income stream. Whatever the reason turning your hobby into a business is a big step, one that requires a shift in mindset from making for pleasure as and when you feel like it to creating for profit and putting routines in place. Here are the things you will need to consider to get […]

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Hitting the reset button on missed goals to get you back on track

Goals help us bring our dreams to life, but sometimes we can miss the goal deadlines we have set for ourselves. If things have been a bit of a struggle and you have slipped and fallen behind don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens. In life, not everything goes to plan. But it is how you deal with the changes and setbacks that determines how successfully you pick yourself up to have another go. Simply take a deep breath, press pause to reflect on why you missed the achieving goal, then hit the reset button to start from where […]

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Five Reasons Why People Are Not Buying Your Product And How To Fix This

Paying customers are the lifeline of any business without them you’re simply running a hobby. Every entrepreneur dreams of creating a successful and profitable business, but for many getting those first customers through the door or to click the buy button can be challenging. People buy what they know, like and trust. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Accept that not everyone is going to buy your product because it could be that it’s the wrong colour, too big, too small and so forth for what they need. The problem though is when nothing at all is happening on the […]

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How To Make Money Blogging

Thinking of monetising your blog? You are not alone. How to make money blogging is a popular search engine topic, as bloggers (and other social media platform owners) from all walks of life seek to leave the 9-5 behind and make a full-time living online. Successful bloggers and social platform owners make it look easy, and graphics popping up in your feed telling you to follow such and such method to earn 5 / 6 figures a month further fuel the dream. But if it was as easy as it is made out to be then every blogger and social […]

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How To Get Your First Piece Of Press Coverage

Getting your very first piece of press coverage for your product, service or business is a very exciting moment in your business journey. I still remember my first of press. It marked a pivotal moment in how I saw and felt about my business and my potential. Someone believed in me enough to share my story. But it took me a while to gather up the courage to reach out to press outlets, so I know how daunting the process of getting your first piece of press coverage can be.

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How do blogs make money?

Who would have thought when the first blog was created in 1994 that blogs would go on to disrupt the way we work and enable millions of people who may never have had the opportunity to do so in a traditional job, earn the types of income that transforms lives. Well they did and two decades later there are still people wondering how do blogs make money, and whenever I mention that I am a blogger one of the first questions I get asked is ‘so how do you make money?’ 

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Does Following Your Passion Automatically Lead To Success?

I read this quote the other day “Follow your passion and success will follow”. Not the first I have seen or heard this shared or uttered by various people to motivate their audiences. And whilst in theory its all well and good, I know from personal experience that following your passion can be ridiculously hard, and success elusive. And it is the messy, meandering, hard bit that is missing in between that statement. 

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Why It Is Important To Invest In Yourself And Your Business

As a start-up creative entrepreneur on a budget investing in myself and my business was something that seemed out of reach. I just didn’t have the money to do it. Or rather that is what I told myself, as I wasted my precious pounds on things that were never going to bring me a return. What changed for me was a shift in mindset. I always saw investing as meaning working with a coach or taking some fancy course, forgetting that by reading a business book or attending an event I was in fact investing myself and my business. And […]

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